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What Were You Thinking?

What Were You Thinking?

Unapologetically Evie's Diary Entries March 2023

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My monkey brain produces a lot of bizarre, narcissistic yet entertaining thoughts. Like most people, when I write in my diary I do so as if somebody might actually read it. Why do we do that? Claiming we would be mortified if people discovered our inner most thoughts, yet we write as if they have? So the way I see it, if I write like somebody will read it, why not let them?

These diary entries will be recorded and published on my podcast under the title, What Were You Thinking? I may eventually end up publishing them in a book but for now, I will release the readings one month at a time.

How naked this makes me feel - like unscrewing the top of my head to allow others a look inside the madness. There is a lot of crazy shit that goes on inside there. My hope is it will be freeing to let it all out, rather than keeping it all neatly tucked inside my leather bound notebook. The truth is, my life is quite interesting, at least I like to think so and I could use a reminder to pay closer attention to just how fascinating life is in the simple things around me. That's what I love most about keeping a diary - it keeps me paying attention. Something not many people do these days. With all the constant noise from our phones, group texts, social media, technology in general - most of us live a very distracted life. I don't want to do that. I like to be present. Knowing I will write things down after I go for a walk turns my walk into an adventure. Getting on a plane takes on a whole new meaning when I know I will leave with things to write about. The interactions I have with my family become much more important when I actually pay attention to what they're saying.

Overall, keeping a diary makes me a better listener, allows me to dream, helps ease my anxiety, lessens my loneliness and allows me to reflect on my life. It makes me a better person. Maybe reading my diary can help you do those things too.


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